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PRYSTINE (PRogrammable sYSTems for INtelligence in automobilEs) is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the ECSEL programme. Its start date is April 1, 2018, and it lasts three years.

PRYSTINE aims to develop an innovative technological stack named FUSION (electronic components, embedded hardware and software/networking systems) for Autonomous Driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance, as well as to enhance consciousness and knowledge of both end-users and industry about this technology.

PRYSTINE partners form a consortium with heterogeneous competences. These competences can be grouped to work on logically affine tasks in what are called Supply Chains (SCs) to achieve a given result (e.g. produce a piece of the technological stack, or a demonstrator).
We are actively involved in four SCs
– SC2: develop the next-generation HW/SW model architecture (using also the embedded components developed by SC1) to enable integration of conventional control theory and signal processing solutions with AI models into AD embedded intelligent agents;
– SC4: develop fail-operational robust sensor-fusion and decision-making models (embedded intelligent agents);
– SC6: use FUSION technological stack to set up a demonstrator of a passenger vehicle;
– SC7: develop a “co-driver” model to study feasibility of shared control between the driver and the AI agent;

PRYSTINE is also divided into 6 Work-Packages. HiPeRT is proud to be the leader of WP5 which covers the highly critical activities of system integration to build a fully working prototypes of the FUSION stack, for each of the SCs.