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Project description:

I-MECH target will provide augmented intelligence for wide range of cyber-physical systems having actively controlled moving elements. Modern (4.0) industrial systems face increasing demands on size, motion speed, precision, adaptability, self-diagnostic, connectivity, new cognitive features, etc, that can be fulfilled with smart, safe and reliable production complexes. I-MECH will bring novel intelligence into Instrumentation and Control Layers mainly by bridging the gap between latest research results and industrial practice in related model based engineering fields.

I-MECH will also deliver new interfaces and diagnostic data quality for System Behavior Layer, to provide a cutting edge reference motion control platform for non-standard applications where the control speed, precision, optimal performance, easy reconfigurability and traceability are crucial. The high added value of I-MECH reference platform will be directly verified in high-speed/big CNC machining, additive manufacturing, semicon, high-speed packaging and healthcare robotics. In these sectors, the main project pilots will be validated. However, the platform will be applicable in many other generic motion control fields. The project outputs will impact on the entire value chain of the production automation market and, through envisioned I-MECH center, create sustainable proposition for future smart industry.