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HERCULES (High-Performance Embedded Real-Time Architectures for Low-Power Many-Core Systems) is an european project, under the Horizon 2020 (H2020) Program. HERCULES belongs to the ICT4 call – “Customized and Low Power Computing”, as an Innovation Action (higher TRLs): these activities aim at stimulating broad adoption of customised low power computing technologies.

The declared goal of project HERCULES is to obtain an order-of-magnitude improvement in the energy efficiency and cost of time-critical embedded systems based on heterogeneous multi-core platforms across several sectors and application domains.

The project selected two target applications characterized by both high-performance and real-time requirements, one from the automotive, one from the avionics domain. The automotive application is an autonomous driving system, while the avionic application is a visual-awareness system for self-localization of an airplane. Both them are developed and mantained by well-known european companies with years of experience in the considered application domains: Magneti Marelli and Airbus.

HiPeRT Lab proudly covers the role of project leader and coordinator of the project, and it makes its expertise in real-time systems and many-core architectures available horizontally to all activities and tasks of the project.