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ENABLE-S3 is an acronym for “European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems”. It is an ECSEL project under the Horizon 2020 EU programme.

ENABLE-S3 will pave the way for accelerated application of highly automated and autonomous systems in automotive, aerospace, rail and maritime domains. Virtual testing, verification and coverage-oriented test selection methods will enable validation with reasonable efforts. Project results will be used to propose standardized validation procedures for highly automated and autonomous cyber-physical systems (ACPS). The technical objectives addressed are:

Provision of a test and validation framework that proves the functionality, safety and security of ACPS with at least 50% less test effort than required in classical testing.
Promotion of a new technique for testing of automated systems with physical sensor signal stimuli generators, which will be demonstrated for at least 3 physical stimuli generators.
Raising significantly the level of dependability of automated systems due to provision of a holistic test and validation platform and systematic coverage measures, which will reduce the probability of malfunction behavior of automated systems to 10E-9/h.
Provision of a validation environment for rapid re-qualification, which will allow reuse of validation scenarios in at least 3 development stages.
Establish open standards to speed up the adoption of the new validation tools and methods for ACPS.
Enabling safe, secure and functional ACPS across domains.
Creation of an eco-system for the validation and verification of automated systems in the European industry. ENABLE-S3 is strongly industry-driven. Realistic and relevant industrial use-cases from smart mobility and smart health will define the requirements to be addressed and assess the benefits of the technological progress.
The main role if HiPeRT Lab in this project will be to develop a predictable and efficient co-simulation environment running on multi- and many-core platforms, with a simple-to-use programming interface. It will also contribute to the testing of the Valet Parking use case.