Theses and internships frequently asked questions

How long does it typically take to complete an internship/thesis @HiPeRT?

Since most of the projects are research projects, students will need a training period before starting the “real” work. This is why it can range from 4-6 months up to a year, depending on the project.

I want to apply for an internship (“tirocinio”) + thesis at HiPeRT. How can I do?

First of all, get in contact with the reference teacher/professor, to see if there are positions/projects available that might interest you (a partial list is also published here). Then follow the instructions here, for the bureaucracy and paperwork.

I am missing 4 or more exams. Should I apply for a thesis?

We typically recommend students to start the thesis when he/she is missing no more than 3-4 exams. The reason is that too many “gaps” in the period might delay the overall work!

Should I come every day in lab? Or can I work on my thesis at home?

This really depends on the technology the candidate will work on. Some thesis can be done on a “normal” laptop, other thesis, such as the ones on the F1/10 vehicle, require to have specialized hardware (the car itself!) that should not leave the lab

After graduating, I want to search for a job instead of, e.g., applying for a master course. Can you help me?

We have many contacts with companies, and we can of course support the candidate by offering projects that will be done directly in a company. For reasons of space, we did not show them, but feel free to ask!

Do you recommend to go on with master course or PhD course?

Depending on candidate’s attitude, we definitely recommend so, if one wants to push his/her skills to the limits, and learn new exciting stuff! 🙂