Conclude SCIoTeM Smart City, Internet of Things e Mobilità- HACKATHON 2020

The event “SCIoTeM Smart City, Internet of Things e Mobilità- HACKATHON 2020” ended on February the 21st. The initiative, realized within the Fondazione UniverMantova, saw the participation of forty students, divided into ten working groups, who challenged each other in the development of projects related to Smart City, Internet of Things and Mobility. The SCIoTeM hackathon was created by Unimore, with the support of Fondazione Cariverona, along with the Municipality of Mantua and Fondazione UniverMantova. The winners were selected by a quality jury composed of Unimore professors Marko Bertogna and Marco Mamei, University and Research Councillor Adriana Nepote and Andrea Piscopo, deputy director of Aster company and ICT manager of the Municipality of Mantua. The first prize was won by the Hakertz Group formed by Samuele Toscani, Christofer Zanoli, Giorgio Menini and Jacopo Maragna, the second prize was won by the Live Parking Group formed by Alex Daniel Costa, Antonello Barbone, Giovanni Lambertini and Valeria Lualdi, while the third prize was awarded to the Mr. Bin Group formed by Sara Benfatti, Linda Anelli, Olivia Riccomi, Paolo Formici and Gabriele Zanazzi. Congratulations guys!! #Hackathon #Mantua #SmartMobility #SmartCity #mobility