HiPeRT & NECSTlab for NCGX

Francesco GattiLuca MiccioLuca BartoliFabio Bagni, and Micaela Verucchi took part to the 10th NECST Group Conference in San Francisco, from May the 19th to May the 30th. During those two intense weeks, they had the possibility to visit and also to present the #HiPeRTLab and their works in different realities of the Bay Area. They went to companies like Facebook, Coursera, Intel, Oracle, Ambarella, Xilinx, Waymo, Pinterest, Totemic Lab, Dolby, and Dropbox. They also visited two of the best universities of the world, namely Berkley and Stanford, where they had the honor and pleasure to assist to a lesson of Andrea Di Blas and meet in person the great Michael J. Flynn. A big thank you goes to Marco Santambrogio and his @NECSTLab for giving them the opportunity to take part and share with their group this thrilling journey! #NGCX #NGC #NECSTLab #NECST #HiPeRT #HiPeRTLab