Evidence Srl is a leader company in the field of embedded systems. Her ERIKA Enterprise operating system is the automotive-grade real-time OS with multi-core support that allowed to introduce open-source solutions also on platforms based on complex microcontrollers.

ERIKA Enterprise has been used as the key component of a double-OS single-board design, implemented by Evidence, which aimed at tackling the challenges offered by modern systems in automotive and avionics. In fact, modern cars, as well as aircrafts, are equipped not only with more and more complex control systems, but also with increasingly advanced user interfaces and infotainment systems. When both software components run on a single, multi-core board, extra precautions must be taken to ensure that safety-critical and non-safety-critical components are isolated from each other.

To this purpose, HiPeRT collaborated with Evidence Srl to implement a double-OS system, running on a dual-core ARM platform and using the Xen hypervisor to run, in two isolated domains, (1) the automotive-grade ERIKA Enterprise OS, a small-footprint real-time OS suitable for safety-critical control tasks, and (2) a fully-featured Linux OS, which is then able to support any complex user interface or multimedia service. To actualize such a setup, the ERIKA Enterprise RTOS has been modified to be able to run as a Xen domU alongside a Linux dom0; the current state of the implementation also includes support for a basic, safe communication mechanism between the two operating systems, based on the Xen hypervisor’s memory sharing facilities (grant references) and maskable inter-domain interrupts (event channels).

The outcome of the project’s first milestone has been presented at CloudOpen Europe – D├╝sseldorf, 2014.

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